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My head is facing forward, while the rest of me is turned to the side. This is my body’s natural position when I’m at work. It’s playful, yet awkward, yet very awkward. It also offers a glimpse into how efficient I am even when I’m on the clock. Imagine that you’ve just stopped me while I’m on my way to a meeting, and I turn toward you, but only with the body parts I need for talking. My arms are folded to demonstrate that I get things done, and then celebrate by folding my arms.

People are putting ((( echoes ))) around their names on Twitter – here’s why

People are putting ((( echoes ))) around their names on Twitter - here's why

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If you’ve been on Twitter lately, you’ve probably noticed people with brackets around their name.

If not, it basically looks like this: ((( Ashitha Nagesh )))

There’s a reason for this – and it’s not immediately obvious.

People are adding the brackets – known as ‘echoes’ – to their names as part of an online anti-racist movement.

The Science of Online Dating

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…As it turns out, success begins with picking a user name. While men are drawn to names linked to physical traits (e.g., Cutie), the researchers found, women prefer ones that indicate intelligence (e.g., Cultured). Both sexes respond well to playful names (e.g. Fun2bwith) and shy away from ones with negative connotations (e.g., Bugg).

User names that begin with letters from the first half of the alphabet do better than those from the latter half. “As human beings, we have a tendency to give things at the top of a pile more value,” Dr. Khan said.

The most successful online profiles featured content divided 70:30 between personal information and a description of the ideal desired partner, the scientists found. Honest, likable and succinct profiles written with a touch of humor — particularly those that did not self-aggrandize or use rhetorical flourishes — elicit the best results. Photographs showing the user smiling and standing in the center of the frame surrounded by others work best.