They keep coming, both the bombs and the images from Aleppo

Excerpt from this article:

But the photographs and videos have made it out. The faces of the besieged, staring into the camera, at us, and at death, pleading for help, baffled by our indifference to the slaughter, describing the atrocities outside their bedrooms or just on the other side of the door. We see their faces from an angle we ordinarily see a friend’s face, up close, staring straight into our eyes.

They are bearing witness, in real time, refusing to disappear without a trace. And in this era of connectedness, they are refusing to let us off the hook. These images, spread via social media, unmediated, confirm that the people making them are still alive — in that moment, anyway.

We have never before received such a deluge of images from any front, never gotten such an intimate, minute-by-minute, look at what the United Nations high commissioner for human rights said on Wednesday most likely constituted war crimes.