China Shares Its Loneliness

A man sits alone holding a bunch of balloons

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A popular hashtag in China #WhatIsYourLoneliestPhoto is raising that very question [of what loneliness looks like] on the popular social media platform Weibo. Thousands of people have responded by posting images which they think capture loneliness in everyday life.

Although it is unknown what exactly is happening, or has happened, in many of these photos, just by posting them alongside the hashtag #WhatIsYourLoneliestPhoto has reignited the debate about loneliness in China, and especially as experienced by older people.



Female netizens creating 55.3% of World Cup content on China social media

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This chart from DCCI takes a closer look at World Cup buzz on Weibo over the first two weeks of the tournament. In particular, DCCI looked at sources for original World Cup content posts and found that that 64% was created by post-80s and post-90s generation Weibo users, 55.3% of original content was created by female users.